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We are Phil and Viv Lambe. We have always loved crisps so much that we set out to make our own in 2010, when we were naïve enough to think that running your own business was easy and young enough not to worry about the fact it isn’t!

Source of the Earth | Philip & Vivian Lambe | Our Story
Source of the Earth | Plastic Free

After running a successful snack company for the past 12 years, we realised that the world was changing and we wanted to create a snack which was not only delicious, but also better for you and better for the planet. During lockdown, we spent months creating a vision for delicious and tasty crisps which didn’t leave their mark on our beautiful earth. We made this dream a reality with the launch of Source in September 2021 and we are so proud that these snacks are unique in the UK for being a healthier snack in a plastic-free, home-compostable bag.

We are a nation of snack lovers but not all snacks are created equal. We love crisps snacks and wanted to make delicious crisps which are not only better for you but also better for the planet. These tasty squares of lentil and chickpea are seasoned with tangy natural ingredients, contain just 96 calories and are plant-based and gluten free. Once they’ve been air-popped and seasoned, they’re then sealed in plastic-free, home-compostable packaging.

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Sour Cream and Chive

A classic done better! Our creamy sour cream is combined with the tanginess of chives to give a luxury flavour.

Smoked Paprika and Chilli

The punch of smoked paprika is combined with the warmth of red chilli to make these crisps stand out from the crowd.

Coconut Curry

These lentil and chickpea crisps are sprinkled with our wonderful aromatic curry seasoning with a hint of coconut.

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